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Connecting4community 2013

In late April 2013 we gathered again in Cincinnati, OH to create an amazing community. We were blessed to have Peter Block and Walter Brueggeman as presenters, who prodded our thinking with questions that opened rich dialogue in small groups. Angeles Arrien joined us remotely with stories that continued our conversations.  While we expected John McKnight, last minute complications kept him from this gathering.

Avril 1

The conversation was filled with other talking about their work in time banking, social justice and other topics that were deeply meaningful to the group.  Harrison Owen help us set the Open Space for a broad a reaching set of conversations.

Barbara McAfee and Michael Jones delighted us with their artistry. Avril Orloff pulled the story together in visual format and Geralyn Sparough, literally wove the stories of the gathering.

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Connecting4Community 2012

On May 3-4, 2012, in Cincinnati, Ohio, we were in community with  a very special  group of people. Colleagues and friends, Peter BlockJohn McKnight, and Walter Brueggemann were the catalysts who challenged our thinking and stimulated conversations that resulted in insight and learning. Additionally, the wonderful connections and collaborations that began in this event will live long after and, as many of our important connections, will lead to something greater than any one of us can imagine.

Image by Harriett Kauffman

“This work is so much more than an approach, tactics, set of questions or facilitation techniques. It’s a way of being that honours each person, invites you in and naturally requires you to bring more of who you are to the table. It insists that you know yourself more deeply. This seemed to ripple through everyone in the room”

Please enjoy these wonderful images, courtesy Harriet Kaufman, of our time together. View images from C4C 2012

We are working to make Connecting for Community 2013 another amazing event. We welcome back Peter, John and Walter and are delighted that Angeles Arrien and Harrison Owen will be connecting with us in Cincinnati. Join us April 24-26, 2013.

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